ST - Bucket recovery and dewatering



It is designed to recovery sands sufficiently clean that don’t need a deep washing.
Muddy water let in in proximity to the impeller wheel that allows the sand to decant and then recovered by perforated buckets and vectored outside (mainly on conveyor belts).
Waste water is eliminated by suitable spillways.
An especially simple and sturdy construction guarantee very low maintenance costs and long life.


• Sturdy carbon steel basin type Fe360
• Perforated buckets / steel inox / polyurethane
• Motorization group composed by epicycloidal reducer, electric motor, transmission with pulley and belts

Capacityt/h15 – 300
Dim. max materialmm.0 – 8
Widthmm.2000 – 3000
Lenghtmm.4000 – 6000
Power installedkW2,2 – 15
Approx. Weightkg2500 – 8000