VR - Rotating screen



It is designed to wash polluted material which needs an energetic washing from impurities before being screened. The first part is a blind cylinder; the blades and diaphragms of which it is fortify, break up the material with the help of powerful water flow. The second part is made by perforated cylinder which separates the washed material.
The cylinder is supported by a group of tyre wheels on charging side, and heavy oscillating support on discharging side.


• Steel or polyurethane meshes
• Epicicloidale gearbox assembled to electric motor through belt, pulleys and hydrodynamic joint.
• Sturdy tyre wheels of support

Capacityt/h50 – 300
Dim. max materialmm.0 – 200
Widthmm.1400 – 3000
Lenghtmm.6000 – 14000
Power installedkW5,5 – 55
Approx. Weightkg1000 – 30000