VA - Vibrating dryer screen



It is designed to separate the solid parts from liquid parts. It is installed with the upward inclination of 4-6°  in which the liquid is concentrated in the posterior part of  vibrating screener.
The posterior part of containment and the base is made of drained of polyurethane or steel interchanged panels. The unidirectional vibration of machine is generated by two vibrating chutes with the eccentric weight.


• Draining decks in polyurethane
• Regulation of  amplitude of vibration
• Regulation of inclination of screener

Capacityt/h15 – 200
Dim. max materialmm.0 – 30
Widthmm.500 – 1800
Lenghtmm.1500 – 4000
Power installedkW1,5 – 9,4
Approx. Weightkg250 – 4000