SP - Log washer



It is designed to wash very polluted material with presence of clay and wide crusts.
The forced mesh-up generated by double bank of paddles, disgregate and dilutes the clay and the hardest aggregates.
Paddles could be installed with different hardness (HB400 – HB500 – special fusions) depending to abrasiveness of treated material.


• Heavy thickness support paddles shafts
• Contrarotating motorization pairing with coupling joints
• Lining paddles antiusury steel / manganese fusion

Capacityt/h60 – 400
Dim. max materialmm.50 – 150
Widthmm.2000 – 3000
Lenghtmm.5000 – 8000
Power installedkW30 – 110
Approx. Weightkg5000 – 20000